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EcoPlanners is a network of sustainability experts in building and interior design on the Central Coast of California. Our mission is to help clients create and configure healthy, economical and environmentally friendly spaces in both homes and businesses. We assess your needs, provide detailed reports of our findings, recommend improvements, and refer accredited environment contractors to do your work.

Solutions for Businesses

The recession has altered the way people do business, forcing businesses to do more with less in order to maintain profitability. EcoPlanners helps our clients by recommending ways to maximize energy efficiency, improve air quality, increase worker productivity, streamline business practices and customer service, and lower overhead costs. Taking into account the individual needs of each client, we pull together multidisciplinary teams of consultants to recommend practical strategies for reducing energy use and saving money. EcoPlanners offers consultation and training that suits all budgets.

Our staff includes accredited LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) professionals, who can assist you in achieving LEED certification for your home or business. Our accredited environment designers and contractors have the expertise to maximize energy efficiency and specify non-toxic materials. Our energy specialists and Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified contractors can also test and track your energy use and recommend adjustments.

Our staff includes CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialists) who are qualified to recommend building modifications for "Pan-Generational", Universal and ADA requirements for residential and commercial use, including baby boomers planning for the future, people with ongoing needs and those who experience accident or urgent-care needs. EcoPlanners works closely with health care professionals to understand the needs of patient/clients for customized residential retrofits for accessibility, safety and peace of mind.

We educate our business clients on how to be green, paperless, energy efficient and to maximize recycling. Green companies can increase their exposure and sales by as much as 20%. Well-lighted and comfortable workplaces can increase productivity as much as 8%. Our certified Green Business League expert can assure results after your new image has been established. Evaluation documentation for up to one year makes sure that energy conservation, health, safety and welfare goals are met now and in the future.

Solutions for the Home

Our services for the home include consultation and assistance on how to rid living spaces of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) using natural, rapidly renewable and recycled-content materials. Our methods on how to tighten the building’s envelope with controlled ventilation has been proven to reduce your energy costs up to 26% and more. Safe and non-toxic homes are particularly important for the health of the elderly, those with respiratory problems and the very young.

We have a group of EcoPlanner consultants for your every planning and building need.

Mission Statement

EcoPlanners is a California-based network of holistic green building professionals. We help families and businesses to foster happier, healthier and more productive lives by creating beautiful spaces and cost-effective solutions to poor air-quality, resource depletion and Universal Design needs. We guarantee tangible results by reducing respiratory problems, lowering utility bills, and making the spaces usable and productive for all.

Vision Statement

EcoPlanner's innovative, inclusive and holistic methods make us the leader in pan-generational and sustainable environments that tread lightly on the earth.


Our goal is to link our EcoTeam professionals with the needs of our clients. Our solutions are designed to meet the current economic challenges, work within the social culture and enhance the environmental climate of our world. Our aim is to provide inclusive accessibility, clean indoor air, promote the use of durable products, reduce waste and save the earth's finite natural resources.

Costs and Benefits

Many problems or potential problems can be solved easily, economically and with minimal site disturbance, despite rhetoric to the contrary. For instance, energy monitoring, behavior modification, and motion sensors are known to reduce energy costs by as much as 15%. Proper day-lighting and low wattage lighting can reduce energy bills by another 10-20%. Hedging against energy cost increases can be achieved by installing alternative energy, such as Photo Voltaic (PV) solar panels for electricity and solar energy for hot water heaters and radiant heating.

Educate Clients

We educate our business clients on how to be green, paperless, energy efficient and to maximize recycling and solid waste management.

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  • When to Contact Us

    • While building or designing a home or business
    • While planning or remodeling the interior of a home or business
  • What We Do:

    We are a full service one-stop-shop for sustainable and healthy design solutions.

  • The Results:

    • Reduced energy load and operational costs.
    • Fewer respiratory problems and other conditions related to poor air quality.
    • Worker productivity increased up to 16%.
    • Less worker fatigue and absenteeism due to health reasons.
    • Higher profits per square foot.
    • Increased client/customer satisfaction.
    • Cleaner air and more efficient HVAC.